Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Smoothies & Juicing

No, I promise I'm not dead.  I just forget to pop over here and make my updates more often.  I'm going to be better at that, I promise!

The roommate and I decided we wanted to start Juicing again this week.  I'm not going to go all hardcore I'm only drinking juice all day every day like I did last time, but I am trying to juice (or drink smoothies) for at least two meals a day and keep the last meal healthy/mostly vegetarian. Just to focus on the fruits and veggies for a while.

So we went down to the local Sprouts Farmers Market and picked up a huge variety of produce, only to come home and find that our juicer had gone to that big juice shop in the sky.  Which blows, because we'd had it about a year and a half and had maybe used it for a month of that. Boo.  So we're researching options for a new juicer.  The masticating ones are so nice, but man they're way out of our price range-so I think we're settling on on a L'EQUIP (no this is not a sponsored post) one because it's local (they're based out of St. George, UT) and because it's reasonably priced ($119 for the big one) and comes with a 10 year warranty.  You better believe we want that after the Juiceman Juicer died so fast.  I will totally let you know what we think of it after we use it.

So in the meantime I've settled on using my pretty blender my momma got me to make smoothies instead.  Sadly, when I tried the Mean Green Juice from the reboot website it was so gross in the blender... I know when he makes it into a smoothie he juices the veggies first.  I could not choke it down even though I added a bunch of fruit to make it better.  Today's juice was much better, as I stuck with just fruit and almond milk...

I've also been treating myself to Roxberry, a local juice shop that offers the Green Smoothie Girl smoothies.  I get the 32oz as my lunch, and it has 15 servings of fruits and veggies.  Yum.

What's your favorite healthy smoothie?


becca said...

my favorite smoothie is take a cup of frozen berries add 1/4 cup light oj and blend it's easy and yummy

Katherine said...

I like just good old fashioned fruit and almond milk...with a little spinach for good measure. Yum.


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