Friday, February 8, 2013

Fat Ass Friday 2/8/13

Um... yeah... 
I haven't exercised in 2 weeks.
I ate pretty well by having smoothies several times this week.
But I also went out to eat a lot and made exceptions.
And I stress ate a bag of M&Ms. Twice.

I'm not going to let it get me too far down though.
I feel a little bad about it-which is good because it means I'll work harder next week.
But I'm dating someone, and he makes me too smiley inside to feel bad for long.

That's right, I said he makes me all smiley inside.
Despite the fear that it wont work out, the self-doubt, the insecurity. I am smiley.

Update on Last Week's Goals

  • Go grocery shopping - DONE!
  • Start juicing again - Sort of DONE.  Our juicer died so we did smoothies instead!
  • Drink more water - FAIL.  Seriously I'm going to get this next week.
  • Exercise - COMPLETE FAIL.
This week's Goals
  • Buy a new juicer and use it
  • Continue making healthy smoothies
  • Finally find a big water bottle so I can get that back on track
  • Exercise and/or hula-hoop
P.s. I didn't weigh myself because I was running to late today. 

How did you do?



Cerise said...

Smiley is a wonderful place to be. :o) Eating out gets me all the time. I try to only eat half of what I order, but sometimes that doesn't happen...and I am rarely "good" when I eat out.

Brenna said...

You know what I use alot for water- a Smart Water Bottle. It is huge and fits in cup holders- which I love. I buy a bottle and when it is empty- I just keep reusing it:)

becca said...

keep going sweetie you'll make it and love that you describe the feeling as a smiley feeling very so cute

Krys @ Keeping Plus said...

Oh, my scale beat me this week. :(
I gained 1.4 pounds, eek!
Near the end of the month, our cupboards start to get empty & it's just SOOO much easier to order in.
Thankfully, we just went shopping, now I can kick the scales ass this week. :)

BTW, you are so beautiful! I'm jealous!

Krys @ Keeping Plus

Aubrey S. said...

I really didn't drink much water this week either, and I'm paying for it in my skin. I'm all broken out, but I've turned that around this weekend. You can too.

BTW...I'm nut actually tracking my weight, per se, but I did happen to get on the scale at the dojo this week. I'm down 10 pounds since Christmas. I'll take it!


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