Friday, February 15, 2013

Fat Ass Friday 2/15

Hello you gorgeous people.
I totally didn't weigh-in.
Or exercise.
Or eat all that healthy.

Wow, the last three FAF posts have been like that...
Oh well I guess... I got a pretty hair cut, dyed it, AND when I went jean shopping after I was able to buy a size smaller-so I'm choosing to celebrate that.  Plus I'm hot-look at this picture:

Updates on Last Week's Goals
  • Buy a new juicer and use it - In Progress-it finally came but I haven't used it yet.
  • Continue making healthy smoothies-FAIL.  I didn't make any this week.
  • Finally find a big water bottle-DONE-Today... Using a 50oz Smart Water bottle.
  • Exercise and/or hula-hoop-FAIL.
This week's Goals
  • Juice/Make Smoothies at least 1-2 times a day.
  • Do something active-anything!
  • Up my water intake. 
How did you do?
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Cerise said...

YAY for smaller jeans! To me that's almost better than losing any pounds!!
Loving your hair.

Beth W said...

YES! Smaller jeans AND a bigger water bottle...that's a win, two times over!

I was an idiot and forgot to weigh in today, but since I'e been Cough Lump with the flu for two weeks, I figure there hasn't been much progress there.


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