Friday, October 19, 2012

Beating My Cold

On Monday I realized that I was starting to get a sore throat. I have a pretty bad immune system, so I catch things easily and hold onto them forever.  Seeing as I knew I had a date later in the week, and did not want it to linger, I immediately took to action.

I started drinking my Echinaccea & Eucalyptus tea-which I swear is a miracle worker.  I started eating healthier foods rich in nutrients, and I took to sleeping with my old friend Lord Nyquil.  

I'm happy to say that only a few days later I have no trace of my cold!

1 comment:

Beth W said...

Since I have the same issue with a craptastic immune system (thanks to an adolescence of antibiotics), I am definitely going to have to try that route. I usually try to cram myself full of Zinc and Vitamin C and sleep more, but haven't tried using NyQuil to accomplish that, nor have I had the echinacea tea. Yay! I hope your date goes wonderfully well!


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