Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Goals

It's time to link up goals again!
Please join me at My So-Called Chaos for linking up.
It can be fitness goals, or any goals!

Update on April's Goals:
  • Drink more water. -FAIL. (I'm determined to do better this month though.)
  • Make healthier choices. - SUCCESS! (it's not big, but it is progress!)
  • Do a Juice Cleanse after my birthday. - FAIL (I need to soon!)
  • Go to the GYN.  - SUCCESS!
  • Start Hula-Hooping again. - SUCCESS! (Not often enough, but I feel so much better!)
  • Start taking my vitamins again. - FAIL.  (I WILL this month!)
So 50% success.  3 Fails, 3 Success... Not too bad.
May WILL be more successful!

May's Goals

  •  Drink More Water
  • Start taking vitamins again
  • Start taking my Birth Control (maybe it'll fix some of my period issues!)
  • Lose 5-10lbs
  • Hula Hoop at least 3 times a week
  • Be more active
So what are your goals for May?
Grab the button for your post and link up before 4/20/12! :)
Note: Everyone who links up this year, will be entered in a drawing at the start of next year for a HUGE prize pack.  The more months you link up with the goal party, the more entries you get! :)  

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