Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I've been slacking...

Not only have I been slacking on posting regularly, or linking up with FAF, but I have also been slacking on just about everything else health related.
  • I haven't been eating well.
  • I haven't been drinking water much.
  • I haven't been exercising OR hula hooping.
See?  Major slackage.  I need to get my butt in gear.

How have you been doing?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Workout Song of the Week

This week's song:

Hips Don't Lie
by Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean

Isn't this fun?

What are you working out to this week?
Link up! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Exercise Finder

Everyone should check out this website.
It helps you find the exercises best suit to your problem areas.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Workout Song of the Week


This week's workout song:
by Eric Himan

Anyone who reads my other blog knows how much I love Eric.
Not only is he an amazing musician, but a great interactive facebook friend,
and very kind human being.
I love this song, and it's got a good beat to work out to!

What are you working out to this week?
Link up!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Fat Ass Friday

You know, I totally forgot to weigh myself today.
Which is probably a good thing-I don't need to inspire self loathing.

I'm having a really hard time getting back on track after vacation.
I ate so many carbs (they really affect me I'm finding) that my body got re-addicted.
So now I'm trying (and failing a little) to kick the carbs again.

The first week I was back I did really poorly.
This week I wanted to juice all week-but have only ended up juicing most of the day.
Then eating dinner at night-and not necessarily healthy dinner unfortunately.
Oh well, tomorrow is another day right? 
I need to get back on track badly.

Body shot-sent to my date so he'd know what to expect.
I have a date on Monday.
This is my first date in over a year, and the first time I've been excited for it in 2 years.
This is a big deal for me, and I feel sooooo huge.
I really wanted to lose 5lbs before then, but that's not happening apparently.
Also, we went bra shopping last night.
Trying things on and looking in those unforgiving mirrors-tragedy.
I felt like it spiraled me down into self-hate mode!
I don't want to feel like that!

I want to feel pretty and sexy before my date.
And honestly-if he doesn't like me because I'm fat-then he's the wrong one.

Take me for what I am
Who I was meant to be
And if you give a damn
Take me baby, or leave me.

I'm still going to get fit, but that shouldn't hold me back from dating...

What do you think?

In case you missed it recently:
You really should check these out:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Why She Walks

 Hey lovelies, I have an amazing guest post for you today.  It is written from one of my very dear bloggy friends Janna.  Janna is such an amazing human being, and I strive every day to have the compassion and dedication she does.  Not only is she the first to send me a card when I'm feeling blue, but she is out there walking miles and miles in support of friends and family who are fighting one of the hardest fights.  Cancer.  I am simply amazed by her.  

Please take a moment and read this, and if you can help at all it would be greatly appreciated. 

♥ ♥ ♥

My name is Janna and I am participating in my 5th Breast Cancer 3-Day in Washington D.C. in 39 days.

When I sit and think about why I walk…I think about this lady.
This is my friend Dawn.  I have know Dawn for nearly 10 years now…all by chance.  She worked at the corporate office for a company I worked for that was located in Illinois. (I am in Texas)  We created a bond so strong that neither distance nor changes in jobs could break up our friendship.

Dawn is a cancer survivor.  A Breast Cancer Survivor.
So is her sister.
And now her mom Pat started her fight on August 15, 2011
“My mom got through Lymph Node surgery today with 4-5 lymph nodes taken out.  It will be Thursday before she gets results.  She will be undergoing Radiation and the rest of the treatment will depend if it has spread into the Lymph Nodes.”
This family has seen their fair share.  MANY families have seen their fair share. 

Breast Cancer knows no bounds…

I walk for Dawn, her sister AND her mother Pat,  Pam (who beat breast cancer and is now fighting a new cancer battle) Elizabeth, LeeAllan, Louise-Paula, Arthanise (who lost her battle this year), Nancy, Dianne, Mary Ellen, Laurie, Delia's Mom, for my new friend Nancy (who was just recently diagnosed) and for any woman who has ever had to or ever will have to go through this horrible disease.

I also walk for my nieces…Sarah, Ashley, Megan & Mallory.  I walk for Amy’s daughter Jules, so that they may never have to deal with this disease. 

I walk for a cure.  I walk for those who can’t.  I walk for those who lost their battles.  I walk for YOU.

In order to walk I must raise $2300.  I have booked my flight and my hotel room.  I am COMMITED to walk for a cure.  

Can you help me with my fundraising goal?  Every little bit helps.
Please visit my Breast Cancer 3-Day Fundraising site:  www.the3day.org/goto/jannagoestodc

Monday, August 15, 2011

Workout Song of the Week

This week's song:

Gold Digger
Glee Version

I love glee.
I love this song and Shu is sexy.
It's not a heavy work out song, but a fun move your hips workout. 

What are you working out to this week?

Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm back!

Hello lovelies, I'm back from my big adventure.
You can read all about it HERE.

I'm skipping my usual post because I'm exhausted, but I wanted to stop in and say hi to all you lovelies.  I've missed you!!!  I'm pretty sure I gained a bunch of weight back on vacation-but oh well.  I'm so not weighing myself until next FAF (so not really this Friday either) so I have more than a week to recover and don't get depressed when I look at the scale.  

I made a rule saying I couldn't count calories on the vacation.
I wanted to eat and have fun and not stress.

But man, I can tell you-I really don't care for doughnuts anymore, so Voodoo Doughnuts was wasted on me.  All I wanted to drink was water, so the other stuff was kind of gross...  And by the end of the trip all I wanted was to get back home to my fruits, veggies and juices!  I was also missing my hula hoop really badly! 

Plus, this beauty has been waiting for me:

Thanks Beth & Haley! :)

How did you guys do while I was gone?
How are you feeling?
Anything new?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Exercise Plan

Hi guys! It's Friday, so I'm living it up in Seattle with Miss Beth.
For now, enjoy some tips!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Post: Believe

Hey lovelies! Still on my trip (I should be in Portland today) so here's a lovely post by Miss Janna, one of my best bloggy buddies, encouraging you to Believe.


My girl Angie is busy getting her vacation on…and I couldn’t be happier for her.  I know she really needed some time away.  I only hope she remembers to send me a post card or two!  And I hope she tells Beth HI for me!

At the beginning of this year I picked a word.  I am sure somewhere along the way I have seen this or heard about this.  But this year more than ever I needed a word.  Something to help guide my lost self into getting back on track.

I chose the word BELIEVE.  So I thought I would tell you what that word means to me right now…

B Begin somewhere

E Everyday is a new day

L Live

I Imagine

E Exercise your mind

V Value your friendships

E Exercise your body

We all falter at times and I am NO stranger to that…ESPECIALLY this year!  But the trick is to reach out and remember that your friends will be there and that you are ALWAYS stronger than you think you are!

So I challenge you to BELIEVE.  Believe in yourself!

Thanks again Angie…HAVE A GREAT TIME!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Erase Arm Flab

Hey lovelies, it's wednesday so I'm somewhere along the coast of Oregon.
Here's some tips!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Guest Post: Bernie Takes a Zumba Class

Hey everone! I'm on vacation, so Bernie is here today to fill in with a lively tale of how she took a Zumba class after being inspired by our 21 day project.  It's rather hilarious, so I hope you get a good giggle out of it too! You can stop by and visit Bernie too!


Zumba Kicked My Ass

My friend Teresa raved about Zumba, telling me things like: “It is fun.”; “I love it.”; “My kids love it.”; “It doesn’t feel like working out.”; and so on. I lost track of all the great things she said about Zumba. Something in the back of my mind suggested that I look into it because I should augment my sedentary life with some sort of masochistic hobby that involves getting the heart rate up, convinces muscles to scream out their objections, and makes me sweat like a whore on dollar day. This was the month to take action.

I told Mr. Bernie that if there was a class in our part of town, then I would go to it. We live just outside of town and I was pretty sure this was a deal I wouldn’t have to cash in on.  I got a wild hair and decided to look at the Zumba website. I was confident that they wouldn’t have one in our part of town. You see, exercising is bad enough. To have to stay in town, or travel back to town, to do it would suck. I prefer to get close to home and then avoid the crowds. I put in our zip code into the Zumba class finder and pressed enter. A nice list popped up on-screen with lots of options. I smiled as I scrolled past all the classes deep inside the city. “La la la, I’m safe.”, I thought. Suddenly, I stopped. There it was. A class not more than 4 miles from my home scrolled into view. What the hell? 

Nooooooooooooo!! How in the hell did that get there? I may have said something that rhymes with duck and starts with an f and ends with a uck and am sure that it wasn’t ‘Fire Truck’. I had great hopes it was a mix up. Perhaps the class had folded. Maybe it was a typo? Who knows. I emailed the instructor to get some details.

My whiny email about how much I don’t want to exercise; questions about cost and location; and concerns about getting into something that I wasn’t ready for were answered fairly quickly. I was afraid she was going to call, sound like a five-year old girl, and start to preach about the power of Zumba. On the contrary, the instructor was very nice and not too perky. Thank God! The class is a steal at a dollar and a half per session. I don’t think Little Debbie snack cakes are still only $1.50. I told her a bit about myself and my concerns. She addressed my concerns and reassured me that I wouldn’t die, but I had to sign a waiver when I went to my first class. Does that make you shudder a little in fear the way that I did? I asked about the types of people who are in her class. She explained that there were everything from young to old, thin to fat, and so on. It was a virtual  melting pot of women shaking their stuff.  Whee. How Fun. She told me just how to get to the class and made me feel at ease.

The day of my first class I was pretty nervous. There was that waiver that had to be signed. I hardly ever get aches and pains. However, on that day I was sure my right knee was going to fall off. I must have something wrong with my foot. Was there something wrong with my breathing? Maybe I should stay home if I’m feeling so poorly. I think I made myself limp to test it out to be sure that all my parts were not going to hold up. Psychosomatic?
! Well ok, maybe. My first class was to be after work. I needed to get some sustenance before class. Mr. Bernie tried to push some energy bar thing on me. Too late, I already had my huge hunk of turtle bar type thing. It was really tasty. Mr. Bernie just shook his head and told me I needed to eat something good for me. Ya, ya, good for me. That turtle bar in my tummy sure tasted good to me. I started getting ready for class. I had to find my Enell sports bra. I have a love hate relationship with that bitch. Its 15 hooks and she really holds me in. I mean really holds me in tight. I had a hard time bending over to put on my shoes. I pinched part of my boob when I was hooking it up. Ouch! Once prepared for class, I thought that I would burn up some spare time by talking with Jenny.

Jenny tried to calm me down before class. “You know Bern, if you like the class. I will take one here in Duluth.”  Since when did I become the measuring stick for stuff? Then she told me, “Try to remember some of the songs so you can tell me which ones they had.” She has a tween and knows about the new music. I explained to her as nicely as I could, “I don’t know about these damn dance songs. How in the holy hell could I remember the names to tell you? I will be sweating my ass off and trying not to feel self-conscious about having no idea what I am doing. Chances are that I won’t even recognize a word, let alone who the artist was. Don’t expect a report back to you on it!” She laughed at me and told me to have a good time. The bitch. The time had finally arrived to go out and play.
I arrived to class a bit early. I left a little early to make sure that I found it in time. I wanted to scope out the women going to class. I also wanted to stop peeing every five minutes like a puppy from nervousness. People started going up to a table to hand over money.  I fell into line. It reminded me of going to a girl scout meeting and standing in line to hand in my dues. This ‘girl scout meeting’ was on steroids, though. The instructor guessed who I was when I arrived. She was friendly and welcoming. I asked her where the back of the room was. I wanted to make sure that I was in the back corner so I could feel in control. Screw that Dirty Dancing line, ‘Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” I adjusted the old song to meet my needs. I said to myself, “Bernie puts Bernie in a corner. Hopefully nobody will bother me.”

I wandered into the (hardwood looking basketball room or whatever it was) and found a nice corner to claim. I looked around and sized all the gals up. Some of the little people were in cliques. Kind of like High School all over again. No big shock there. Others were standing around – or doing jumping jacks – or picking their noses and looking more lost than I felt at the time.  I did some stretching and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. The time came to start the class. The instructor walked to the front of the room and asked everyone how they were doing. The crowd yelled back, “Great!” or something like that. I don’t normally listen to the type of music that started playing. I’m an old-fashioned country music gal. This was new for me on many levels. I prayed my ears wouldn’t bleed and started moving with the rest of the crowd. There are particular moves that one must learn to Zumba and I found myself staring at the instructor.

It is easiest too learn the steps by watching from behind the instructor. I loved that she was not facing us. It made it much easier for me to follow the steps.  I felt like a pervert, because my husband would have thought that she did have a nice ass. The dance started out mild. At first I thought I was at Cheerleader or Dance Line camp. Everyone was moving their arms back and forth, and around, and so on. Slap some pom-pom in my hand and I was ready to go. (I wasn’t a cheerleader. I have no idea what they do at those camps. I made that part up.) I thought that this wasn’t so bad. I had not yet realized that the festivities were just getting started.

After several songs we started jumping, squatting, rolling our stomachs, and performing about a hundred other unfamiliar body movements. We were squirming, and wriggling, and stepping around like Ginger Rogers with Fred Astaire. We were working at a fevered frenzy that had me a breathing harder than a multiple orgasm. I thought that my brain was going to explode. Then came a question that I never expected. The instructor yelled, “Is everyone warmed up??’!! What the hell? I’m sweating like a whore on dollar day and she wants to know if we are warmed up?  I was sweating in spots I didn’t know sweated. I panicked. I gave up any pretense of wanting to be left alone. I turned to the gal next to me with red face, sweat dripping, and eyes wild. I said to her, “Oh my god! That was a warm up? Really? That was only a warm up? Tell my husband I loved him because I think my time has come.” She laughed and explained that it was half way through class. It was all downhill from here. I wanted so much to kiss her or offer to have her baby – Anything to show my appreciation.
Things did slow down after a few more songs. The cool down cycle included slower and more seductive movements. I almost felt like a pole dancer a few times. I was supposed to be moving in a sexy way, though I’m sure that I looked more like a beached whale wriggling around. I started to relax and thought I was doing pretty good. I woke up out of that daydream when I realized that I was moving my left arm and everyone else was moving their right.  Rule number six is: No daydreaming in Zumba!! 

Finally, the class ended. I wasn’t feeling to bad – not yet, anyway. The gal next to me had gone 5 times and encouraged me to return on Thursday. She promised me that it will get easier. She gave me some tips. I thought that she was nice. I went home and flopped on the couch. Remember that part about not feeling to bad? It started creeping up on me like tidal wave creeps up on a beach. I swear I thought my legs and arms were going to fall off. They were drained of energy and felt like lead. Mr Bernie made supper and fed me. I was through but still to somehow take off my bra with its 15 hooks, shower, and make it to my pillow. I felt satisfied as I drifted off to sleep knowing that I had done it and lived to tell the tale. I think I may have even enjoyed it. My body is out on that verdict so far. Let us give it a few weeks.  I’ll be going to class again tonight. I think I keep hearing my knee popping……

I would love to challenge you guys to take a Zumba class and blog about it. I would love to hear what you guys think of it. Here is the Zumba Finder website to help you find a class in your area.
Thank you to Julie from Tri-ing to be Athletic for the cool picture! When I told her about the Zumba class she said, “Oh, I love Zumba. I sweat a lot.” WTH? This is a girl who swims, bikes works out and she sweats a lot in that class? Kill me now. You can see more of her cool stick figures on her blog. If you want/need a special picture made for you, email her for rates. She also made my About Me picture that I won in her contest.

Monday, August 1, 2011


No workout song this week, on the account of me being in San Francisco right now! :)
I'll leave you this:


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