Friday, September 2, 2011

Fat Ass Friday

No, I didn't weight myself today.  But I couldn't bring myself to.  

I've been slacking so much, and I while I looked in the mirror and thought I looked lovely last night-my opnion changed when I looked at my body.  I've been eating crap food (gasp-even soda now and again) and not exercising or hula hooping. 

I am NOT going down this road again..
I am not going to give in to my laziness anymore.

I'm not going to let myself feel bad because I put on another 10 lbs and it was all my fault for not getting out there and working for what I want.  I won't have it.

Time to turn things around!
Time to get back on the wagon.

Who uses Fitocracy?
If anyone has an extra, I'd LOVE an invite.
Thanks Ashley!
I've heard good things, and that it has a Hooping group.
Goals for this week:
  • Juice Cleanse all week.
  • Hula hoop every day.
  • Get up early enough to exercise in the mornings now that it's cooler.
You should check out:
  • Kas Fitness is hosting a Clean Eating Challenge on FB.  Come join us!
  • My good friend Ashlee recommended My Body Gallery.  I'm not sure I understand it just yet, but I think the point is to show and be proud of all body types.  Real women, y'know?
  • Heather at Wellness Without Pity recommended Vision Boards.  I think these are a fabulous idea and have been thinking of doing it for a while.  I'll post the results when I'm done, but for now read her post!
 How is your progress coming along?


Healthy Heather said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I'm thrilled that you like it :) Good luck getting back on the wagon; we've all been there. I always try to remember that no one ever says we have to get back on the SAME one. :) Have a healthy day! Heather

Beth said...

Thank you for the invite- I need it! I weighed in today, for the first time in 3 weeks, and sure enough I'm back to my starting weight. :(

You can TOTALLY DO the juice cleanse! AND the hooping! Girl, I need you to show or tell me some hooping tricks, so I have something to work toward. :D

Don't lose faith- you are stronger than you will ever realize, and you can do this.

Brandy@YDK said...

you can do this!


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