Monday, June 29, 2015

Workout Song of the Week: Shut Up and Dance

This week's fitness jam:
Shut Up and Dance
by Walk The Moon

Oh man, every single time this comes on the radio I want to get up and jam out.
That means it's a perfect choice for your workout playlist-get up and move that body!

And don't you dare look back...

What song is making you move this week?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Workout Song of the Week: I Want You To Know

This week's workout song:
I Want You to Know
by Zedd & Selena Gomez

Great beat for working out, and great words I wish I could say...

What are you working out to this week?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why I Quit the 7 Day Challenge

I was doing very well on the 7 Day Challenge... I did day 1 and day 2, and then day 3 came and I wasn't able to get a workout due to obligations that kept me busy the entire day.  It was cool, I decided I was going to make up for it on Saturday... And then I got sick. Stomach sick.  Can't work out or you might have an accident sick.  I was following the diet really well still for the weekend, but I was pretty much on the couch the whole time sick.

While I was laying there, I had a lot to think about, including the fact that here I was again trying a flash diet/challenge, and that isn't how I want to go about things this time.  The whole point of getting in shape this time is to do things differently than I've done before, because all the things I was doing before weren't working.  Diets aren't things you stick with.  You do them for a while, then you go back to old habits and hate yourself for failing to maintain.  

I want to maintain this time.  I want to work on making fit choices that will carry with me through the rest of my life instead of just doing a fad diet and then trying to either reincorporate things back in or going back to eating like I was before...  I need to focus on attainable things that I can keep doing forever.

So I texted Ashlee, and she agreed.  As long as we carry the positive through with us from the challenge-the drinking 72oz+ of water, working out daily, less sugar (but not cutting it out entirely-I HATE artificial sweeteners), eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less red meat, etc. We should be good, and we can have a cheat day too so we don't go insane.

So I'm making a change.  No more fad diets, just healthy changes that I can maintain constantly, and not quit after 7 days.  Seeing things as a diet with an end point feels like I'm working against myself and my long-term progress.

What do you think?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

7 Day Challenge: Day 2

5:00am-Waking up is much harder today.  My whole body feels tired from the workout yesterday and my limbs simply don't want to pull themselves out of bed.

5:30am-Make coffee.  Starbucks was so gross yesterday.  Damn it.  I've only got about half the coffee I need.  Oh well, this is going to have to do.  I'll just add some Cinnamon to the grounds to help with the flavor.

6:00am-Damn it.  I didn't prepare any food yesterday.  I frantically throw some yogurt and fruit in a bowl for breakfast, fruit in a bowl for a snack, and put together a quick Kale salad for lunch.

7:00am-Coffee is watery, but much better than the Starbucks from yesterday.  Yogurt is good with a little bit of honey and some berries.

10:00am-Shawn and I do 5 laps around the building, that's approximately 20 minutes of walkng.

11:45am-There's a food truck at work?  Oh it's Kitchen 88, their steak was soooo good last time.  Well I can't have red meat and I packed a lunch...

12:00pm-Whatever, that Kale salad will keep until tomorrow I'm going to the food truck for a gourmet salad. Roasted beats, fennel, and chicken sounds good to me!

12:30pm-So everything in this salad tastes like dirt.  Not like "that tastes like dirt/crap" but actual soil.  I mean beats taste like the earth they're grown in, but I didn't know fennel did... And why does the chicken?  It's not terrible, but it's not great either.

12:50pm-Shawn gives me the last of his fries from the food truck.  They are delicious and I/m not even sorry.  At least these are made from actual potatoes.

1:20pm-Shawn brings me back a mint tea from Starbucks.  Thanks Shawn! Can I count this in my water intake?  I think yes.

2:00pm-I think lightning actually just struck the building.  It was so loud and everything shook... I guess we'll be skipping our afternoon walking break...

2:29pm-I'm out of water.  I'm leaving in a half hour so refilling my water bottle seems silly since I wont drink it all... My total (if we're counting tea) is 56oz.

3:00pm-Off to look at a house!  I have grand plans of getting a new pair of yoga pants (I need some cropped ones for summer) but I'm super poor, so we'll see how I feel after I look at the house.  I also want to pick up some Tuna steak for dinner, but I should pinch my pennies... Anyway, it's Thundering and lightning out

4:08pm-Put an offer in on the house.  I have 45min until the landlord sends over the paperwork to sign so I'm going to run and get some new workout pants.

4:30pm-Lane Bryant.  I grab three pairs of capri workout pants, two are yoga pants with pretty tops and one is just a plain workout pant.  Grab two shirts.  They're out of the size 22/24 in everything except the yoga pants with the blue.  Grab 18/20s in everything else.

4:40pm-Try on all three yoga pants, decide that the 18/20 pants actually look much better.  Choose the cheaper option.  Talk myself out of buying more than one workout shirt and settle on a blue one... Though I want that orange one too... But I'm buying a house!  I really need to save for that.

5:30pm-Return home and sign paperwork for official offer on that house.  Yikes.  What if it's too small?  What if it needs too many repairs?  It might actually be both.

6:00pm-Chicken and greenbeans for dinner again.  I have Therapy at 7, do I walk or drive?  I should really walk.  What if I don't have time?

6:45pm-I'm walking.  Fill up my water bottle and trek up there.

7:00pm-Therapy.  Nancy is awesome.

7:50pm-Walking home.  It's raining, but man do I feel great for doing so much walking today!

8:15pm-Clean house in my underwear because I'm feeling pretty good about my body today.  Send slightly-naughty snapchats to someone special... Someone who really likes this body of mine.

9:00pm-Update my new fitness and memory journal.  (Review soon)

9:45pm-Crash.  Hard.  Sore and exhausted.

Day 2 was another successful day! 
See how day 1 was HERE.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Workout Song of the Week: Time of Our Lives

This week's workout song:
Time of Our Lives
by Pitbull & Ne-Yo

Isn't that how it goes?  Rent, bills, money troubles...
But hey, at least we can shake our asses to this song.
That's a great workout-get out there and shake that bootay! 


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